The MUBS Young Leaders Mentorship Programme

Cohort 3 Training Session 1

Theme: Becoming Successful in Life

In the University, you are taught a variety of concepts which you will later apply in your life as you begin to work. However, there are certain concepts that you must know whether you are in the University or not. These are concepts that enable you relate well with other people and live a meaningful life. These are not taught in the classroom. MUBS has the Younger Leaders Mentorship Programme that is intended to nurture it’s students in acquiring this untaught knowledge that enables them to become successful in life as Leaders, as Managers, or as Citizens of the world. Join us as we restart the programme with what it takes a person to succeed in life.

Topic: What it Takes To Succeed in Life. By prof Waswa Balunywa, PhD.

*Date *: Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

Time: Pre-session videos will be at 7:30- to 8:00 Pm and then at 08:00 Pm the actual presentation will commence.

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This mentoring programmes will be 15 sessions of two hours each per week or as it may be determined. At the end of the programme, successful participants will be awarded certificates at a fee. Eligibility of the certificate is attendance of at least 13 sessions and responding to questions in writing that will be issued.

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